TDAE Athletic Development Guide - TD Athletes Edge
TDAE Athletic Development Guide - TD Athletes Edge

TDAE Athletic Development Guide

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This guide was designed to maximize your athletic performance, enhance your durability and reduce the likelihood of injury. We want you to be at your best when taking the field, court, or track and we’re confident that this guide is the missing link to your athletic development process!

A major problem we’re seeing is an influx of injuries due to athletes being physically unprepared or repetitive stress from overuse. Being physically unprepared ultimately sets you up for failure. With many athletes playing their sport year-round, that doesn’t leave much time for maintenance of durability and health.

A structured training program, as demonstrated in the literature through decades of research, has been proven time and time again to help athletes build overall strength and durability. A more durable athlete is one that spends less time injured and more time on the playing field. Strengthening the structural components of the body (i.e., muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, etc.) through a structured training program is a major key for long term athletic success.

Too often we see high school and
college athletes go from doing absolutely
nothing at all to doing a lot in a really short period of time, which is a recipe for injury. Avoiding these major spikes is pivotal for the long-term health of student-athletes, keeping them consistently training and preparing throughout the year.

On the other hand, we also want to help athletes avoid overtraining in the weight room, which is another path to injury. Overtraining happens when an athlete doesn’t prioritize off-days and recovery days in between training sessions. A well-designed, structured training program that allows the athlete to make progress from a month-to-month basis ultimately incorporates active recovery days and strategies to reduce the likelihood of injury and overuse.


You will get 12 total weeks of structured strength & conditioning programming for high school and collegiate athletes.

The 12-week program is divided into 3 progressive phases. Each phase is 4 weeks in length.

  • Includes 175+ exercises and variations focused on better physical performance and durability on the field, court, ice or track

  • Instructional and demonstration videos for each exercise within the program

  • Easy-to-follow worksheets to document and track your progress

  • A total of 2 conditioning days per phase to improve aerobic capacity, endurance and stamina